Ways to Make Money Online From Affiliate MarketingIn the year 2009, when I first heard the word affiliate marketing, I never know what this really means. Up until 2011 when I began to read and learn about affiliate program. I quit along the way, then 2013-2014 the word affiliate marketing came my way again. And I began to pay more attention to it and figure out so many facts about what affiliate marketing is all about.

Am not here to tell you that you can make millions or thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing within short period of time like those so called gurus will say or make you feel. But I would rather pin point some ugly truth about affiliate marketing to you before I sketch out how you can make money from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

To make the definition simpler for everyone to understand, affiliate marketing is simply helping other people to sell their products and services online by referring people to them with the aim of making money. And when you register for an affiliate program you become part of their agent to help sell their products and services and you get your commissions from the sales of goods or services of the person or company you are promoting. This means no sales through your links no commission for you depending on the term and condition guiding the affiliate program you registered for.

Two Ugly Truths about Affiliate Marketing

  1. You have no control over how much money you will earn
  2. You can lost your good reputation

One man once said advertising can be defined as a “legalized lies”. This is true about so many affiliate programs. Therefore when thinking of making money online through affiliate marketing you have to be very careful what kind of affiliate programs to choose. Don’t just get excited about how much money you will make, think about, of what benefits it will be to the people you are referring it to. Because your reputation is very important

In reality there are good affiliate program you can register for that will add value to the lives of those you refer and also make you money but the online is filled up with scams this days. Like my people usually say “SHINE YOUR EYES”.

Enough being said about the ugly truth of affiliate marketing, now let us learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Steps by Steps to Make Money online Through Affiliate Marketing

To make money online through affiliate marketing the followings is required of you:

  1. People to refer to the affiliate program you are promoting
  2. Choose a products or services that will best address the needs of the people you are referring the program to.
  3. Register for an affiliate program. I recommend click bank
  4. Choose the best medium best suitable for you to refer people to your affiliate links e. g through either your website, paid advert, your face book or twitter account e. t. c
  5. Start promoting your affiliate links

If is as simple as I said, why are so many people not making money from affiliate marketing? The truth is that affiliate marketing is not for everyone. Just like network marketing, so many people are involved but there are only few that make real money from it. So also is affiliate marketing, lots of people are involved but only few make real money from it.

To belong in the category of the few, that makes real cash, from affiliate marketing. In my next post I will be writing about what those that makes real money from affiliate marketing do differently from those that makes penny or nothing at all from affiliate marketing.

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