study OnlineThe web has opened universe access to information, today you can sit in your room and connect to people in China, Spain, Nigeria, Kenya, and USA or anywhere in the world. Presently if you are in business and your business is not on the web, your business and you will struggle.

Brief History about the Web:

The web started in 1989 with Tim Berners-Lee; Tim Berners wrote the first protocol for what becomes a world wide web. But on April 30th 1993 this protocol that was previously been used by the military and academics world became free and available for everyone. This really changed everything. It open universe access to information and caused it to just grow explosively.

There are lots of things one can do on the web today, among which is study online. Big thanks to Tim Berners and many who has contributed and who are contributing to making the world a better place to live in.

Studying online allow you the opportunity to sit in one remote village in Africa and study in any of the best Universities and Institutions in the world. There are lots of place to study online free on the web but I will lists the one have done some of their courses and the ones that am still in the process.


  1. OPEN2STUDY: Open2study is backed by Open Universities Australia (OUA), an Australian leader in accredited online education. They have sciences and managements courses from free to pay. Most of their free courses run for a month and you will get certificate of achievement if you pass the course. With open2study I did Project Management, the course was presented by Sue Dowson . She is an amazing lady, the way she talks will make you want to listen to her again and again. Visit: to register for any of their courses.
  1. ALISON: Alison is a six million-strong global online learning community, filled with many free, high-quality online education resources to help you develop essential personal and certified workplace skills. Visit: to register for any of their courses.
  1. EDX: EDX is founded by Harvard University and MIT back in 2012, offering high quality courses from the world best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. Visit their website to register for any of their courses at

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