Car Wash Business in NigeriaCar wash business in Nigeria is one of the simple to start but lucrative business in Nigeria.

Your coming to, to learn how to start car wash business and make money is not by an accident, but by choice. So I encourage you, to also make a choice to read this article to the end and if there is anything you are not clear about, feel free to ask at the end of this article

Making money with car wash business in Nigeria or anywhere around the globe is possible. With enough capital, entrepreneur skills and mindset, you are on the road to reap in thousands of naira every month.

Car Wash Business in Nigeria steps by steps 

  1. Do Market Feasibility Study:

Analyze the market to find out if your business idea will be practical, suitable and profitable and also find out your market potentials-market share, market possibilities, the number of customers and sales you expect to get. (Market here refers to your target customers).

  1. Find Out the Competition in your Area:

What service they rendered, how they rendered the service, how much they charged. Find out their strength and weaknesses i.e. what they are doing that makes customer to patronize them and what they should be doing that they are not doing. This will give you competitive advantage when you actually start your car wash business.

  1. Tailor a well-written Business Plan for your Business:

Your business plan will include the cost of rent, materials, employees, and equipments required to start and keep your business running as well your projected earnings or income etc

  1. Find Investment Capital to Start your Business:

This is one of the reasons why a well-tailored business plan is important. It’s helped you to prove to others that your business idea is a good business to invest in. You can raise your business capital from personal savings, Friends, families, Banks or any financial institutions.

  1. Location:

Choose the right location and a spacious environment for your car wash business in Nigeria or anywhere you plan to start your business.

6.Acquire Needed Equipments:

The equipments you need will be determined by how automated you want your car wash business and which service you offer. Some of the equipments used by standard car wash business operators around the globe involved but not limited to the followings:

  1. Stemming machine. (20,000 -50,000) Naira.
  2. Micro fiber wash pads. One dozen cost between (200-500) naira
  3. Foaming sprayer. (2500-5000) naira
  4. Wheel well brush. Each (150-500) naira
  5. Micro fiber speed shine. 1 dzn (350-100) naira
  6. Professional water hose. (4000-8000) naira. Etc.

7.Employ the right people:

Hire employee who are polite, punctual, well mannered and skilled.

  1. Attracting Customers:

Without proper marketing, your car wash business may not see the lime light of success. Choose the best advertising method that suits your car wash business. Such as signage, posters, flyers, and using the words of mouth.

9.Open your car Wash Business:

Implement what you have learned by starting your car wash business in Nigeria or anywhere you are.



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